The Libertarian Party of Michigan met in an on-line convention on April 4 to name the party’s 34 delegates to the Libertarian National Convention. 12 of the 34 selected were LPWM members along with another 6 members selected as alternates.

The delegates will be tasked with several responsibilities, most notably to selected the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President for the 2020 election.

The Libertarian National Convention is scheduled for May 21- May 25, 2020 at the JW Marriott in Austin Texas. The facility is currently closed due to COVID-19. The situation is being monitored by the National Committee and plans will be announced no later than 3 weeks before the scheduled start of the convention. All possibilities will be considered including holding the convention on-line.

The LPWM members chosen as National Delegates were: Nathan Hewer, Bill Hall, Eric Larson, Jamie Lewis, Vicki Hall, Bill Gelineau, Donna Gelineau, Richard Hewer, Patty Malowney, Andrew Hall, Ben Reisterer and Jay Gillotte. Griffin Hall, Alex Avery, Marcy Larson, Jim Dondero, Morgan Johnston and Matt Doak were elected as alternates.


Jamie serves as the Board Advisor to the Libertarian Party of West Michigan, and as the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. He is a Resident of Gaines Township (Cutlerville), Kent County Michigan and has been employed as the Production Supervisor at Cascade Printing and Graphics for 20 years. He is an avid board gamer and Soccer fan- but he would never ask you to pay to build a stadium to support his sport!

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