We are putting together a list of books and reading material for interested Libertarians. If you would like to learn about Libertariasm and Libertarian ideas here are some books you might want to check out. We would love more suggestions for Libertarian books you have enjoyed reading. If you have a suggestion leave a comment or contact us through the website with your ideas.

Libertarian Books & Essays

  • Absurdity, a Usurpation, and a Crime. Part First. [1882] – Lysander Spooner
  • An Essay on Trail by Jury – Lysander Spooner
  • Capitalism & Freedom – Friedman
  • Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal – Ayn Rand
  • Constitution of Liberty – Hayek
  • Life, Liberty and Property – Charles A. Weisman
  • Natural Law; or the Science of Justice: A Treatise on Natural Law, Natural Justice, Natural
  • On Liberty – Mill
  • Rights, Natural Liberty, and Natural Society; showing that all Legislation whatsoever is an
  • Road to Serfdom – Hayek
  • Second Treatise of Government – John Locke
  • The Right To Keep and Bear Arms in the United States – Charles A. Weisman

Patty Malowney

Patty Malowney is member of the LPWM. She is an enterpreneur, Libertarian activist, and former State Rep Candidate from Wyoming, Michigan.


  • Anthony Miller

    October 23, 2019 - 1:45 pm

    I just finished The Case Against Socialism by Rand Paul. I highly recommend that book as well.

  • Cooper O.

    January 19, 2020 - 5:11 am

    Perhaps apply a furtherance of Rothbard, Block, Gordon, Hoppe, Chodorov, Nock, and Nietzsche literature as well?

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