The LP of West Michigan needs volunteers to work on its three standing committees – Membership, Outreach and Campaign Coordination. To be appointed as a committee member, you must be a voting member of the LPWM, having paid annual dues of at least $5.  If you have any interest, please contact LPWM Secretary Bill Hall at LibertarianPartyofWestMichigan@gmail.com.

For future reference, LPWM events are posted on the LPWM Website, LPWM Facebook page and LPM Website linked below.  LPWM business meetings usually occur via the Zoom videoconferencing app on the fourth Sunday of each month at 7 pm.  Members may participate in the business meetings by emailing for the log in information.  Join us and volunteer to help out at upcoming events and activities.


Jamie serves as the Board Advisor to the Libertarian Party of West Michigan, and as the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. He is a Resident of Gaines Township (Cutlerville), Kent County Michigan and has been employed as the Production Supervisor at Cascade Printing and Graphics for 20 years. He is an avid board gamer and Soccer fan- but he would never ask you to pay to build a stadium to support his sport!

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