The Libertarian Party of West Michigan would like to congratulate Richard Riekse, the party’s nominee for Fruitport Township Parks Commission in Muskegon County. Richard received 1421 votes. His third place finish was good enough to win on of the 5 seats on the commission!

“This is a great opportunity to show the residents of West Michigan what good can come from having a public official who puts your liberty and financial well being first!” said Jamie Lewis, Chair of the Libertarian Party of West Michigan. He went on to say “I hope this inspires others to want to serve in elected positions as well”.

The Parks Commission members are elected in partisan races every four years. They oversee parks and their established rules have the legal weight of a misdemeanor. They can condemn land for park use and can set fees.


Jamie serves as the Board Advisor to the Libertarian Party of West Michigan, and as the Political Director of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. He is a Resident of Gaines Township (Cutlerville), Kent County Michigan and has been employed as the Production Supervisor at Cascade Printing and Graphics for 20 years. He is an avid board gamer and Soccer fan- but he would never ask you to pay to build a stadium to support his sport!

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